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    krukru Posts: 20
    nod32 says that the NSX.exe is a probably variant of Win32/Genetik trojan :)
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    CT-DallasCT-Dallas Posts: 157
    anyone else leary about diving in with Release Candidate 1?
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    feddxfeddx Posts: 175
    CT-Dallas wrote: »
    anyone else leary about diving in with Release Candidate 1?

    If you define leery as someone that absolutely refuses to jump on to the latest and greatest software, then yes, I'm leery.

    Thank v2.7 for that. I'll talk to peoples at Informal-comm to see what the thought is. Until then I'm still using v2.6 and it works great.
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    JeffJeff Posts: 374
    If reliability isn't important to you, the features are awesome. I love it . . . when it works.

    But it still crashes regularly. It's incredibly frustrating to work in because, unlike NS2, when it crashes, you can't save. NS2 used to crash but you could still hit the save workspace button and things would be OK. NS3 locks you entirely. I compile my source like crazy, so it's always there, but I've lost track of how many times I've had to re-add files to the workspace because my workspace didn't get saved.

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