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  • bobbob Posts: 296
    Many thanks!
  • DavidRDavidR Posts: 62
    Anyone have a code block for either a Lexicon RV-5, MV-5 or JBL AV2? For some reason they changed the protocol on these models and parsing volume feedback looks like a mess.

    This would be a life saver.

  • bobbob Posts: 296
    DavidR, you may try to get the config from the Lexicon using their config backup/restore utility and see all available parameters and their respective numbers.
  • bobbob Posts: 296
    Anyone is using parameter feedback with the above module? It seems to me that the code for feedback just don't work. Checked all parameter IDs et all, I just don't get any feedback when those parameter change. Too bad there is no source code. Control in one direction is ok tough... Any hints highly appreciated.
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