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Yamaha RXV-3800

patbpatb Junior MemberPosts: 140
Has anyone controlled the Yamana 3800 receiver? I have a job coming up with one and the protocol looks pretty ugly. I haven't done a lot of resi so this is a new one for me.


  • patbpatb Junior Member Posts: 140
    Bump.....this job kept getting pushed back and now it's getting closer. I think most of the RXV series receivers use the same protocol, so if anyone has used ANY of the RXV units in a job send me a PM.
  • trustworthytrustworthy Junior Member Posts: 74
    yammy mammy

    If the protocol is that ugly you could control it IR, then do some sort of status request using 232. that way you are only parsing a single string from the buffer, rather than a whole bunch of two-way traffic.
  • patbpatb Junior Member Posts: 140
    I have it working with IR now, but given a choice I would prefer to use RS-232. I like the product itself, but the Denon is MUCH easier from a control standpoint and I can't say that I'll use Yamaha again if I can help it.
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