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Lutron HWI module dimming problem

Using this code snippet (Keypad Button Hold) from the the interface specification v.2.1

button_event[TP, 26]
// Simulate button press on keypad button 4
send_command vHWI, ?K:P:[1:8:2:1]:4?
// Nothing to do on release. It?s implied.
// Button has been held for 1 second
// Simulate button hold on keypad button 4
send_command vHWI, ?K:H:[1:8:2:1]:4?

will ramp up/down dimming untill 100% or 0% is reached.

I expect ramping to be stopped immediatelly after releasing the button (without issuing K:R command explicitly in release event - this is what is written in documentation)

However, in order to stop ramping, I have to issue K:R command in release event despite to the docs (tested).

Am I missing something or documentation is wrong?


  • Lutron HWI module dimming problem

    If you are referring to the documentation in the BUTTON_EVENT sample where under the RELEASE handler it indicates it is implied, I agree it is confusing. I suspect that it is a copy/paste error and that the module is sending a Lutron KP Hold command when you request the same. In Lutron, the Hold is effective until a Release is generated. Although the documentation might be a little confusing, I would follow the Hold command with a Release command when you want the Ramp up or down action to terminate.

    I don't use the AMX module but I always send Lutron a KP Release following a KP Press or KP Hold. You might check with AMX Tech Support so they can 'peek' into the module for you but I suspect they are not generating the Release and that you will have to instead.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I can confirm, you need the RELEASE. I belive the documentation that said it was implied assumed a simple press. If you look at the raw HWI protocol, you will see that only a KBP (push) is required for a simple button tap, you do not need a matching KPR. However, you do need it once you have sent a KPH command. Since the module is just a wrapper for the HWI protocol, the same will apply.
  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    Thanks a lot for help. I also sent a request to AMX tech support to clarify the issue...
  • maxifoxmaxifox Posts: 209
    I got a confirmation from AMX that

    "The manual example for the Keypad Hold function is incorrect in that a release must be programmed. It is not implied."

    They will have corrected this soon... Thanks again all for help.
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