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Precis 0808 - Red flashing status light

Currently at a job using Autopatch Precis 0808, and what was a working system is no longer. Noticed the red LED at the rear of the unit, top right corner is flashing - not a good sign.

Unit's response to any control command is Invalid Selection, and when giving the unit a power cycle, get the following string sent out

IOS intervention forced due to Critical Journal Entry.

Has anyone experienced this, and can it be fixed without having to be sent back to AMX?


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    sonnysonny Posts: 208
    dang...this forum is a little on the dead side. I had this problem on a job a while back and you have to clear the journal for the system to boot back to normal. If you get one of the guys at AutoPatch on the phone they can tell you how to do this.
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    NThinnesNThinnes Posts: 13
    Bringing this back from the dead, because I stumbled upon the answer and couldn't find it here.

    At the boot menu where you get the IOS intervention forced due to Critical Journal Entry type the following.


    This will take you to the splash screen.

    Then type:


    this will prompt you to delete the Journal Entry:


    to confirm.

    Reboot the Autopatch and it should come back up and to normal state and function.
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