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UML diagrams visual tool?

maxifoxmaxifox Junior MemberPosts: 209
Can someone share their opinion on what they use to work with UML diagrams (Visio, RR whatever else)? I am specially interested in Statecharts... Thanks in advance.


  • StefanRCCStefanRCC Junior Member Posts: 5
    By way of letting you know what level I'm working at: I'm using large pieces of paper and some kind of markmaking device - usually a pencil. I realize that this doesn't help with your question about computer-aided UML visualizers. I'd like to add my voice to yours, though. I am extremely interested in other people's responses to your post. I'm very new at this type of programming. One thing that really helped me was having a person in the real-time programming field mention state machines to me, so when you mentioned state diagrams it got my attention.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    I'd be interested in this too - I was never formally trained in computer science or programming (that is to say, no college). I taught myself C++, and when the AV industry moved towards needing programming skills, I taught myself that as well, then went to AMX for specific training with their tools and conventions. This is one of the areas where I feel my deficiencies - I hold all my program flow and event sequences in my head, and I can't help but think I would be far more efficient if I had a means to write it out first. Little, one-room theaters are no challenge in this respect, but when you are doing a home automation with a dozen discreet systems and many multiple zones, it would be nice to have a blueprint you don't have to re-learn every time you go back to it after a long absence. It would also help with documentation.
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