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NEC GT-1150 'Absolute' value

Hello everyone:
Has anyone programmed a NEC GT-1150 using 'absolute' values for brightness, contrast, etc. I want to be able to reset these levels each time a new user starts the system. I have the 'relative' value commands working fine but not the 'absolute'. I don't have a manual that tells me what these value ranges are. I tried using 7F( half of FF) which I hoped would give me a mid level value. Sample code Brightness:$03,$10,$00,$00,$05,$00,$FF,$00,$xx,$xx,CKS:confused:


  • Hopefully the system is NetLinx ... AMX has a module available for download where you can use a send_command value 0-100 with feedback for brightness & contrast as well as others.

    Check out the 'InConcert' portion of the website.

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