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Biamp Audia Duet Module - No feedback


I have a problem with integrating Biamp Duet module to my program. Everything works well but feedback. In Netlinx Diagnostics I can see that device is responding properly, but levels and channels on my virtual devices do not change((

VDVs are defined properly since actions are working but no feedback is available.

Biamp device has the latest firmware, no response suppression.

Just can't find out where the problem is(



  • HedbergHedberg Junior Member Posts: 671
    I had a similar experience trying to use the Duet module for control of a Lectrosonics mixer. Apparently, that Duet module didn't care what response came back from the unit, it kept track of volume levels etc based on internal logic. I know this sounds utterly bizarre and stupid, but that's the way that it appeared to me. The problem, of course, was that when the module started it had no way of knowing what the status of the mixer was. Also, if something on the mixer was changed outside the module, the module did not track the change even though perfectly proper feedback was sent from the mixer to the module.

    In the case of the Lectrosonics, I saw two possible solutions:

    At startup (which is where the big problem was), query the unit, parse the feedback, update the modules levels and then let the module handle it.

    Or, dump the module.

    I opted for the latter.

    Writing your own code to interface with the Biamp units (either as an include or module or however you want to do it) may appear to be a pain, but trying to figure out what's wrong with a black box module and then making it work is probably at least as frustrating and time consuming.
  • BansheeBanshee Junior Member Posts: 3
    Well, the worst thing is that it is clearly stated in docs that this module SHOULD provide feedback. Moreover, this module has polling possibilities which do not work too.

    But I cannot disagree with your last statement. Time is money and it is not so difficult to write code to control Audia - this is what I'll do. I was just hoping that somebody knew the exact answer))

    Thank you!
  • BansheeBanshee Junior Member Posts: 3

    Hello everyone, I've just found out where the issue was with feedbacks.

    As I'm a bit lazy guy and don't want to code Audia control myself (although I've done it before on Cre$tron) I spent some time playing with the module. The problem was that during initialization following command was passed to module (among some 50 other AUDIOPROCADDs):


    But the 40th instance in Biamp layout had only 4 faders, so this was incorrect. And the only effect it gave to the program is that all feedbacks disappeared (except one inoperative mute button on the TP of course).

    Hope this would help somebody
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