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Get_last & 2-D arrays

How does get_last work for 2-D arrays, or does it?

I want to give my user control over an Extron 8 x 4 matrix switcher. Right now, I've got a touchpanel page configured to look like the matrix control page from Extron's web control, ie what you would see if you connected to the switcher using Internet Explorer. My idea was to use a 2d devchan array and just send the switcher the indexes using the duet module. However, my dilemma is how to get the correct index out. Any ideas?


  • Andrew G WelkerAndrew G Welker Junior Member Posts: 124
    Came up with a different idea. Since I was using a devchan array for my buttons, I created another array that corresponds to the devchan array and contains the piece of the command that is the input and output.

    If that doesn't make any sense, I'll post the code I used and see if that helps.
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