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Notifications error

Has anyone experienced this bug? While watching strings and commands in Device Notifications, we turned on Enable Push Notifications. Suddenly, the only notifications showing up were the button pushes and releases. In order to see commands and strings notifications again, we had to disable the Notificaitions and then re-enable them.
This has been observed on 2 different systems with 2 different computers running the latest version of Studio.


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    There are several issues with the device notifications tools. I've seen this one from time to time - but for me it has taken the form tat I can't see all the notifications if I turn them on for all devices, but I can if I just turn them on for a specific device. I have also found it more likely to see what I am looking for if I put a system number in, and don't rely on 0 = current master.

    All that said, if there is too much notification action going on, you will crash the tool. That goes for the one built in to NetLinx Studio, and the one in NetLinx Diagnostics. Neither can handle as much traffic as a large and chatty NetLinx system can generate. I generally try to make it a goal to optimize my systems for a minimal amount of notifications in any case - and if I have them down to a level the notifications tools can handle, I know they will never crash my master either.
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