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NI-3000 lost device number like 5001?

After I do firmware upgrade toan old NI-3000(SW2105_NI_NIx000_Device_v1_13_7.kit).
After reboot , it lost device number like 5001:1:0. Have any advice?


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    dbradydbrady Posts: 30
    01/10/06 v1.11.136 -2105-NI-X000_v1.11.136.kit

    Changes in this release:

    @ -Note: Updating from firmware version v1.00.xxx
    @ to v1.11.xxx, or vice versa, results in the
    @ Device ID being changed to the dynamic range (32000+).
    @ You will need to change the NI device number back to
    @ the desired value after rebooting.
    @ Default setting for NI Series is 5001.

    You can change the device id back through Diagnostics->Device Addressing... in Netlinx Studio.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    It's probably is in the device tree up in the 32000 range. If it is it's a dynamically assigned number you'll nee to go to diagnostics and manual change it just like the release notes say.
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    same thing happened to me last week...

    tried downgrading and re-upgrading....no love.

    had to send it back to the factory to be re-flashed.

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    same issue...

    i reassign 5001 to the 32000 range (mine was 32002 the first availible anyway) and it works just fine, i thought i lost my master :( tis things are solid like a rock! :)

    thnak you, thank you, thank you!!!!
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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Just had the same thing happen to me. Crapped myself for five minutes (out on site in the middle of no-where working on a system that needs to be up tomorrow morning) before remembering seeing this thread this morning during my ritualistic coffee and AMX forums 'new posts' browse. Gotta love the forums.
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    Located my "missing" NI-700 device in the virtual devices (after reboot it was in the 32000 range) - I changed the device # to 5001 and it works great! Problem solved!! Thank you!!
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    Great thing to commit to long term memory, I think I'd be crapping myself as well!!
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    What's wrong with all you guys. I always want to completely renumber all my devices after a firwware upgrade. You all act like this isn't a good feature... :D
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,735
    The forums are a great asset. However, so is the documentation that comes with the firmware, and it tried its best to tell you what you needed to know.

    BTW it assigns the dynamic number because there's not a convenient way it can detect and record and restore the starting number when doing the quite significant update.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    You aren't supposed to leave it in the 32000 range, you are supposed to put it back where it was. That's the dynamic range, and there is no guarantee that if other devices use that range they won't get that specific number first. The firmware change was no doubt made to make it easier for new installations, much like an IP device defaulting to DHCP.
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