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The Duet uber thread

I'm currently in the process of begining to utilize Duet. There isn't any training for it in oz until early next year and I'm needing to get up and running with it three weeks ago so I'd thought I'd utilize the resources in the forum to help me get up and started. I'm familiar with java (although haven't touched it for a couple of years), but was really chasing info on how duet duet works.

I noticed there seemed to be a pretty common theme of 'I got duet, now what?' or 'I'm getting duet, help' so I'd thought I'd put together a compilation of the helpful resources and discussion I've found spread across all the various duet topics.

Spire_Jeff's tips and summary live from duet class

Sample duet math module

Java libraries available in duet

Duet F.A.Q.'s (from AMX product marketing)

And for brushing up on java in general / java newbies...

Free Eclipse and Java Tutorials

Joe_Hebert's list of Java tutes and books

I'll try to add any more resources as I come across them. If anyone else have any tips for diving into Duet?
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