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Autonomic Controls

cmacma Junior MemberPosts: 94
Anyone using their software having any issues? I have a system with 3 MCEs and 3 instances of their module running and the system seems to randomly bog down a couple times a day where everything on the system becomes unresponsive. If I connect in through studio it appears the program is still running although extremely slow, CPU usage goes to 90+%.. A couple hard reboots fixes it. I am suspecting the Autonomic module because the rest of the programming worked before hand with no issues.


  • John PaulJohn Paul Junior Member Posts: 143
    Close connection

    Yeah i am using the autonomics module over here with multiple panels using the art work, but when the panels exceed 12, then it starts going slow and commands dont fire.

    So i had to modify the existing autonomics module to close connections depending on which panel is connecting to autonomics or not. Then it started working fine.

    Are you having an issue with the Autnomics netlinx module or something else.
  • cmacma Junior Member Posts: 94
    Not completely sure yet, I am programming this remotely and the tech on site hasn't been very helpful.. I have added programming as well that combines and un-combines panels depending if the panel is being used to control a specific MCE. I am only suspicious of the Autonomics because it is the only device in the system that I have not worked with before and have not experienced any issues with any of the other devices in the system before. It seems that if one of the MCE's goes offline that there is alot of chatter as the Autonomic module tries to connect to the MCE that is no longer there however I have not been able to directly link the problems to this occurance yet. I have also seen the MVP5200 panel send alot of OFFLINE statements while the other 2 MVP8400's don't seem to send any or very few.
  • patbpatb Junior Member Posts: 140
    What is the group's general consensus on this product? I have exchanged a few emails with a company called VidaBox (www.vidabox.com) that evidently markets a full solution of this autonomic controls already prepacked in a computer ready to go. Seems like a pretty good way to get multi-zone audio out of a single computer box. They claim to be able to take a 7.1 channel audio card and get 4 stereo zones of audio.

    For those that have used autonomic controls would you go with a company like VidaBox that sells a whole solution or would you recommend building a custom computer and installing the software on your own?

    I am looking for a good multi-zone audio server that doesn't cost as much as a kscape and had looked in this direction for a product. Would you guys recommend this or would something else be better?
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159
    patb wrote: »
    I am looking for a good multi-zone audio server that doesn't cost as much as a kscape
    Have you considered Audio Request?
  • trustworthytrustworthy Junior Member Posts: 74
    Joe Hebert wrote: »
    Have you considered Audio Request?

    Awesome unit.

    Also try iMerge S3000, or Nuvo
  • mm2mm2 Junior Posts: 1
    to solve the problem

    You need to replace line #64 in comm module from

    char mceBuffer[16000]
    volatile char mceBuffer[16000]

    and to kill this buffer in UI module because it is not used inside module in line #312

    if you have a lot of panels original modules will empty non-volatile memory very fast

    there are some other bugs in Autonomic and i don't know how to solve the problem with improving update rate of cover arts and photos on TP. Client uses PC mostly for photos and have more than 10000 pictures.
    and problem comes I think from MCE itself ? it cannot refresh previews at reasonable speed
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