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Dynamic Background Images/Screensaver?

vegastechvegastech Junior MemberPosts: 369
Is it possible to load a series of photos (scaled down for the touchpanel in question) and then have the background image change dynamically without re-uploading new photos? Kind of like a slideshow/screensaver, but for the background of a touchpanel, regardless of what page the user is on?


  • vegastechvegastech Junior Member Posts: 369
    BTW, I did see PictureFrame, but I'm specifically interested in background images.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    It sounds like dynamic images may be what you are after. They will allow you to load images to a button from an ftp or http server. If you check the TPD4 help file theres a bit of info about them. The scaling will have to take place externally though.

    You could quickly put together a simple php script that pulled image from a *insert favorite photo service with nice API here* feed, or folder scaled them to the desired res and presented them.

    If you want to get sexy you could use two buttons to switch between images:
    load dynamic image onto button 1
    show button one
    load dynamic image 2 onto button two whilst it has an opacity of 0
    fade up opacity of button 2
    fade out button one
    load dynamic image onto button 1
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    There are G4 commands to change a dynamic image in code (^RMF and it's companions)... it's used for cover art a lot on music servers. It is a tad slow, but that really shouldn't be an issue for what you are doing. Essentially, you name your dynamic images in the panel, and use ^RMF to change what it points to.
  • bcirrisibcirrisi Junior Member Posts: 148
    I used dynamic images to do this on the touchpanels, but I starting to run into snags and failure with every firmware change. Now I just use the standard button and change the image in it using the '^BMF-100,0,%Pimage.png' command and it works great. Add a time line to it, and you got a great slide show.
  • felixmoldovanfelixmoldovan Junior Member Posts: 197
    Back: Anybody can strongly advise against using a Multistate Bargraph and just switching the level value for different pictures? As opposed to setting the graphic by ^BMF?
    I specifically refer to cache handling and memory management issues.
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