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Securing Remote NetLinx Studio Login


Is there a way to password protect a remote login to a Netlinx master controller via NetLinx Studio? Without a password it would seem that anyone who knew the IP address of the system could get in via port 1319 with Netlinx Studio.

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    That was one of the additions with the new v. 3 firmware. I haven't gone as far as trying to load it, since I don't currently have any of the new Duet masters yet. Whicgh raises the question I have - is there a version of the v.3 that doesn't have Duet that will load on old masters?
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    With the v3 master firmware, you can set up a username/password protection for the "ICSP environment". This means, every software, application and master/panel has to use the user/pass. Additionally, you can encrypt the ICSP data.

    See the latest master manuals how to setup.

    AFAIK there would not be a v3 "light" version for the older masters. Maybe parts of the security functionality are Java-based, and the java/Duet environment needs more memory as available on the older masters.
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