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send_command 0:1:0

RajRaj Junior MemberPosts: 53
Hello Evry1,

I was trying to debug the program by sending command to the master 0:1:2 ("send_command 0:1:2,"'Helo',$0d") so that I can see the msg in the notification area. But the msg doesnt seems to be appearing int he notifcaiton area. All the notification options are properly set. and the msg takes place in the button event. Am I sending the proper command. Looking forward fromy ou guys. Thankq


  • HedbergHedberg Junior Member Posts: 671
    You don't get the message in notifications, it appears in the "console" which you can get by telneting to the master and entering "msg on<cr>".
  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    or in the Diagnostic window in Netlinx Studio :)
  • RajRaj Junior Member Posts: 53
    Hi Harold,
    Thanx for replying. But I have seen programmers doing it for debug by sending stringss to master.
  • RajRaj Junior Member Posts: 53
    Thanx yuri,
    It was int he diagnostic window and moreover I was supposed to send send_string isntead of send command.
    THankyou Harold and yuri once again.
  • RajRaj Junior Member Posts: 53
    Dear freinds,

    I would like to know how I can send data to another master from one master.
    1) Have set URL listing on the main master (Master A)
    2) send_command 0:1:2,"'113',$0d"

    1) Data_event[dvMasterB]
    "parse string"
    case 116:

    Would this work.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    Yes, it will work, I use that method often on multi-master designs.
  • RajRaj Junior Member Posts: 53
    atof giving garbage values

    I'm not able to convert ascci to float and display it on the tp.. this was done when the data_event was a string... but now I'm using command. does it have anything to do with it. code shown below



    STACK_VAR CHAR sTempVar[50]
    STACK_VAR FLOAT fPresetVal

    //Cheking for XCH-99.7
    send_string 0:1:2,"'Test Radio -',data.text,$0d"
    TunerBuffer = data.text
    fFreq = atoi(TunerBuffer)
    //sTempVar = XCH-
    //data.text = 99.7
    // fPresetVal = atof(TunerBuffer)

    send_string 0:1:2,"'Test Radio(After Parssing)',fFreq,$0d"
    send_command dvTP_Drawing_AMFM,"'^TXT-9,0,',fFreq"

    data.text is giving the proper string as "XCH-99.7".

    The value it gives me after converting is $FF.
    Y is it giving me like this
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