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Extron 7SC

Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Junior MemberPosts: 1,164
Hi Everyone
I have several Extron 7SC's on campus and on occasion they drop their input configuration. I wrote a call earlier today that verifies the config. each time the system is turned on. I noticed when writting the call that Extron repeats the configuration signal type for most of the signal types. My question, is there a difference from video type-1 which is composite video and video type-2 which is composite video?
Sample of Extron code from their manual.


  • Dan NelsonDan Nelson Junior Member Posts: 10
    There was a firmware update from extron for those. I have one installed at a art museum and I get a call one day "our projector is stuck in black and white mode" I ask them can you repeat that? "we were showing b&w movies all weekend and now everything is b&w." I went out to find the switch had lost its configuration and had switched the dvd input from rgb to video so it has only displaying the green signal which of course ends up show up as b&w. We have engineers from extron stop by with our rep a few weeks later to talk about their products and they told me about the firmware fix.

    Dan Nelson
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Junior Member Posts: 1,164
    Thanks Dan, Do you remember if was a hard or flash upgrade? Like I said all I ended up doing was writting a script to setup the 7SC while the projector is warming up. I'll look for the firmware upgrade on Extron's page. Thanks again.
  • Dan NelsonDan Nelson Junior Member Posts: 10
    They will send it as an eprom, not the most convenent form when they are installed

    Dan Nelson
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