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Compool 3800 Module

Just wondering if anyone else out there has used this module with success. My experience has been that it works, for a bit, then everything locks up. I have a few send_commands to the module in a very elaborate timeline which is filling a Turkish bath, then waiting a bit while the undersized water heater heats up some more water, then adding more water, repeated several times. There's gobs of feedback traffic going on for some reason, and eventually some time during this process, the thing just locks up. We moved from a NI series to NXI because of the better serial ports on AMX's recommendation.

It's a nasty protocol, but I'm about to abandon the module and just find the strings I need (just controlling some aux relays) and be done with it.



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    I'm about to abandon the module and just find the strings I need

    Always a good idea - Personally I do not like modules too much as you not only loose control over your code, you also pick up a lot of stuff you probably don't need. If I have to use a module (code is too cumbersome for the timeframe/protocol is not available), I try to only use the communication module, not the UI section.
    Writing your own code gives you full control and typically will run faster as a bonus.
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    shr00m-dewshr00m-dew Posts: 394
    AMX or compool locks up? If AMX, are you using the UI protion of the module? If so, design your own. There's been several issues of AMX designed UI's locked up processors..

    Kevin D.
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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Hi Spannertech
    I haven't tried this module but I have found that most of these modules to be 'over-programmed' I had one module that would hang if the projector didn't give the correct feedback within a few seconds. I prefer to use my own stuff which I know how and what it should do and not have to double guess someone elses work.
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