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i!-EquipmentMonitor and reading newest messages first

I know i!-EquipmentMonitor it is a "use as is" application but maybe someone has a solution for this:

When reading emails from a mail server via POP3 with the i!-EquipmentMonitorIn.axi, always the oldest message is read first, then the next etc.. until all messages are downloaded or the max number is reached.

If you
- have a lot of messages in your in-box and
- you do not want to delete them from NetLinx and
- you only want to check for new mails
it would be nice if you could download the newest messages only (for example the newest 20 messages).

I know it can be programmed but the engine in the "i!-EquipmentMonitorIn.axi" is quite complex and not easy to adapt to this requirement.

Does someone have a source code example (he/she would like to share) for loading the newest emails only?

Regards, Harald
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