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I am doing a large project and part of that project involves RMS classroom manager. I have 0 experience with RMS. I was able to get a crash course from AMX Tampa and that got me started, but I am a little confused. Just to keep things easy, I was monitoring the power on/off status of the projector. I used RMS Code Crafter and let it do its thing, no homemade code. So, in
my main program I have:

send_string my real projector, "the hex string that equals power on"

just for arguement's sake, i'll pretend the projector replies, "I got the command and the power is now on." I get that I need to parse the reply strings, but I am sort of confused on what to do with them. In code carfter, I checked the box for using a comm module and created a virtual projector. so, would I do a send_command virtual projector, "power=on" or would I send a command to vdvRMSengine "power=1"? I really think I am making this harder than it needs to be. I don't have access to the RMS server yet, so I may be able to just finger diddle with it once on site and figure it out.


  • I sent this from my iPhone and for whatever reason it locked me out of the typing page when I tried to go back and read what I had written. Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated. thanks.
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    RMSProjectorMod that comes with the SDK will monitor the NetLinx module style string events ('POWER=ON'), as well as the channel events defined in the SNAPI (lamp power is channel 255) which lets it work out of the box with both styles of modules.

    My understanding is that the device monitoring modules that come with the SDK are set up as plug and play for a quick and dirty implimentation and for use with Code Crafter. All they are doing is acting as a proxy to pass the correct info to the RMS engine (via functions in RMSCommon) by listening to the communication taking place between your main code and device control modules.

    If you are not already using modules for your device control you may be interested in having a look at the source for those RMS device modules (the source comes with the SDK) as it will point you in the right direction for how to interface with the API created by RMSCommon.

    Sending the command 'POWER=1' to the RMS engine won't do anything, but sending it as a string will have the effect of setting the system power state in RMS. This is different to a device power state - it can be arbitrarily switched as a 'system in use' flag, think of it like at 'on air' light in a studio, and will show as the power state associated with the system device in the RMS web interface.
  • badamsbadams Posts: 21
    I don't use codecrafter to generate my rms code but when I get the 'proj is on' string from the projector I send this - RMSSetDevicePower(dvPROJ1,TRUE)
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