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Forwarding events from on Master to another


I have here two masters, an NI-4100, which is the main master, and an NI-2100, which should be a slave master. I entered the URL of the 1st master into "url list" of the slave master.

Now I want to forward every event comming from one of the touch pannels, connected to the slave master, to the main master. The slave master should do nothing, except forwarding all events from the touch pannels.

Is that possible? And if yes, how?
Do I need to catch all events in the slave master and resend them to the main master? If so, is there allready a working example available?

Why I do need this?
Because we have a very hugh design on our MVP-5200i pannels allocating a lot of memory of the master. Because of this, we can only connect two of them. If we connect one more, the master runs out of memory and crashes (this is allready verfied by AMX germany). Now I want to connect this pannels on a second slave master and simply forward everything from the pannels over the slave to the main master.



  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Forwarding of all of your touch panel events is a nice simple one. You've already set up master2master (M2M) communication by referencing one of the masters in the URL list of the other (just make sure that you DON'T add the reverse lookup in the other master's URL list, things will get messy as AMX doesn't like this). To talk to master's that are on a remote system all you need to do is make sure that you've got unique system numbers set on the masters, then you device definition simply uses the external master's system number.

    For example, in your situation say you addressed the NI-4100 as system 1 and the NI-2100 as system 2. If you touch panel is connected to the NI-2100, to use it in code on your 4100 you would declare the device (on the 4100) as
    dvTP = 10001:1:2
    assuming your touch panel is still addressed as the default 10001.

    AMX's device referencing is in the format device:port:system so when you're sharing devices with M2M just set the system number to the system where the device is attached. You can then use it as though it was a locally attached device.

    What I don't quite understand though is the "very hugh design on our MVP-5200i pannels allocating a lot of memory of the master". By that do you mean that there is a lot of master side interface processing happening? If that's the case this isn't likely to help you out as it's just passing the event info on and you may be better of creating a virtual device on the slave master that you can reference via M2M and using this as an abstraction layer between your main system code and interface.
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