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Blackjack Game Trial

GSLogicGSLogic Original MemberPosts: 562
Below is a link to a trial version of a Blackjack game which features,
Split hands, Double Down, 1-6 Decks, Strategy Chart, Counter of win/lost/push per shoe and Total cards remaining in deck.


It was suggested I move this from the ACE forum so others can download it and also to inform you this is non-AMX verified.


  • Chip MoodyChip Moody Junior Member Posts: 727
    Hmmmmm... I never got such a suggestion for the items I posted in the ACE forum. The only reason I didn't post them in a more "open" area was that I didn't think they wanted files in a discussion areal. :(

    - Chip
  • GSLogicGSLogic Original Member Posts: 562

    I was informed it is okay as long as you mention the non-AMX verified. The reason I moved it was that I got a call from a dealer that wanted the module but wasn't able to get in the ACE Code forum.
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