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NEC NP905 via rs-232

PyroGuyPyroGuy Junior MemberPosts: 117
Hi all...

Quick question - has any one worked with the NEC NP905? We have a client who is about to swap out an MT1060 for the NP905. I don't see a module for the 905 and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the it.

I doubt that I will be so lucky that they follow the same protocol. I suppose I will just have to replace the module calls with hard coded strings (as found in the user manual)

I couldn't find any other posts referencing the 905.



  • rfletcherrfletcher Junior Member Posts: 217
    Based on the nec rs232 document, I think the code for that MT1060 might work I only see two possible hangups:
    • If the new projector has different types/numbers of inputs you may not be able to select one that you need
    • Feedback may not work correctly if the existing code is matching against the byte in the strings from the projector that indicates the model
    The NEC serial protocol seems to be fairly stable, I've been using the same basic module for all the NP/LT380 series projectors for years with no problems.

    //It is a pain in the *** though. Why do people insist on building protocols full of unreadable hex characters? The NEC control strings aren't any shorter than say, Panasonic's, but Panasonic's are at least somewhat readable.
  • PyroGuyPyroGuy Junior Member Posts: 117

    I'm on-site next week and will give it a try. No feedback in this system to worry about - it's pretty basic.

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