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Panamax Intellimax Reset Bug

The current Panamax Intellimax (GRM3000) available at the AMX Inconcert Download Site may have a design flaw. Every time that a Netlinx Master reboots, it also fully resets power on the Panamax Intellimax, what powers off anything connected to it. I tried that with the module DEFINED in my code and without definition. The curious fact is that in both scenarios the Panamax get reset. I also tried a second Panamax box and the problem repeated itself on the second Panamax. As long as the Panamax is connected to the NI Master via ICSNet, it gets reset whenever the Master reboots.

We need to have the Panamax reset only when we push a button to turn power on/off or when we set a flag in code to do so. In my scenario, I have a NI-4000 with a ICSNet hub, in which I connect the Panamax.

We would appreciate any suggestions to fix this problem, since constant resets messes up power states and settings on anything connect to the Panamax.

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