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Cannot Install visual architect in windows vista 64 bit

i cannot install visual architect on my computer, i am using a windows vista ultimate 64 bit os, my hardware configuration is intel i7 core processor with 12 gb of ram on a gigabyte ga-x58 extreme motherboard when i install visual architect it gives a problem when it tries to install the sql server and device database. has anybody encountered this problem, if so can someone give me a solution


  • You may have to set the installer exe to be run in Admin mode. (right click the VisualArchitectSystem.exe, set in properties). In some cases it may be required to set it to XP compatibility mode.
  • cannot install visual architect

    i tried installing visual architect on 64 bit os after enabling run as administrator on the visual architect.exe and also enabled run in windows xp sp2 compatability mode, but when it starts sql server 2005 express installtion it says that please verify whether sql server 2005 express is WOV64 certified, if not contact the application vendor
  • VisualArchitect on 64-Bit OS

    VisualArchitect was developed and operates on 32-Bit Operating Systems only. This includes Windows Vista and XP. AMX will provide 64-Bit applications in the future, for now there is no known work around to make it work.
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