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VisualArchitect and Netlinx Studio Conflict ?

I am having a weird problem where if I generate the system files from VisualArchitect on a computer (Vista or XP Pro, same results) that also has Netlinx Studio installed on it, and then transfer them to the master, it looks like everything is ok, but the program does not actually function.

If I take the exact workspace and all related files that were generated from VisualArchitect and move them to a computer that ONLY has Netlinx Studio installed, they transfer to the master and run perfectly.


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    AuserAuser Posts: 506
    I would have to suspect the versions of Duet runtime installed on the machines in question differ.

    Something in the Duet runtime changed in a recent release which requires very recent firmware on the master in order for programs to run. If you have the older Duet files on one machine and newer version on the other, it is quite likely you'll see the behaviour in question - the NetLinx side of things will work, but not the Duet.

    The correct resolution is probably to update your Duet runtime on the machine with only NS installed and update the firmware on your master.
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    Updating the firmware on the Master did the trick. Thank you very much.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    This is a common issue with Duet modules of any sort, by the way. The module version often has to be matched with the firmware version. I recently had an NI-3100 out for repair, and it came back with the latest firmware ... which consequently broke the older Duet modules on the system. Unfortunately, in that case, there were no updates for the modules in question available, and I had to replace them with NetLinx versions (which don't seen to care much about the firmware). It's something to keep an eye open for.
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