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Master/slave program

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to confirm my testing that the program will remain on the processor(Axcent-III) when I change it from a Master to a Slave unit and then back to a Master. The reason is I wanted to install NI-700's in my Axcent-III rooms and make the Axcent-III's Slaves. But if for what ever reason the NI-700 may crash I want to be able to just make the Axcent-III the Master again to get the system up. My testing shows I can do this but I wanted this confirmed by someone else. :rolleyes:


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    AFAIK the Base Device number of the AXcent3 is saved in EEprom, so once set to base address >1 (to become AXlink bus slave) it will never switch back to base address 1 (back to AXlink bus master). So it should never happen that you'll have 2 AXlink busmasters the same time.

    Your program will still be stored as long as the batteries are good and the power will not fail.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    You are correct. The program will stay. All you will need to do is <SET BASE DEVICE NUMBER 0> from a terminal and your program will return and the Axcent 3 will be the master. I have been doing a lot of this lately.
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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Thanks for the confirmation. It seems to be a reasonably cheap way to add the power of netlinx with an existing system.
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