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Roku SoundBridge

I've been working on this module for the last couple of weeks and figure I might as well post it while I still can. I originally wrote this a couple years back maybe after 2 years of programming AMX so I completely re-wrote it so that it is now completely event driven, supports multiple soundbridge devices off a single TP file, still does all the various search option but I added search options for internet radio and a bunch of other craps. I also now close the socket and cease any queries if no TPs are on page so in affect the module has no overhead if you're not on page.

The soundbridge allows you to play iTunes, Window Media, FireFly, DLNA music server Internet Radio and some other stuff. The Roku Soundbridge can be found here: http://soundbridge.roku.com/soundbridge/index.php and purchased for $129.00. If I found the slimserver I probably would have wrote a module for that instead but this is what I found. You can buy a NAS w/ a built in DLNA server form Buffalo for around $500.00 (1 TeraByte) if you don't want to run your music off a PC. Maybe AMX could buy the SoundBridge rights and breath some new life into it since it is a great little device and could probably be taken over at a good price.

For you newbies there's a lot of good stuff in here for parsing, feedback, etc so even if you don't want to buy a SB device you can still use it as an example of how to do things, since you don't really get that oftten from AMX.

For anyone who likes music this is a great device although I don't know how long the devices will be available. I just bought 4 more thinking I could use them in up coming jobs, but.. For $129.00 I think you'll be very happy with it's ability and the module works really good. It's completetly open source so I won't explain anything unless I need to. I prefer to rip CD's (I don't download crap) at the highest quality possible in iTunes but you can get much better quality from WM. 768VBR if I recall while iTunes the best you can rip is 320x48.

The GUI is kinda cool but kinda goofy at the same time. Mostly an experiment in 3-D graphics. I like the buttons I made and the slide out transport, the rest is......ok.

The $129.00 is well worth what you'll get for your money and you can create an instance for as many devices as you'd like although I laid it out for just 5 (4 commented out).


  • I agree...

    I have to second Daniel's comments about the soundbridge. I have one of the extra-wide M2000 devices and love it to bits. I have all my music ripped as lossless compressed FLAC files which the soundbridge plays (saves about 45% space compared to WAVs). When used with a decent DAC you get great sound for peanuts and the ability to play music from something like the Linkstations Daniel mentioned (I got mine for $70 used with 500Gb) or directly from a machine running iTunes.

    Daniel sent me his module earlier last year, but I never got time to add it into my system. I shall download this version and see how that goes.

    Thanks again for the donations of your hard work and brainpower!
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