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Ademco alarm - bypass

I've red Ademco module documentation several times and I can't figure out how to bypass a zone with it.
Anybody already ran into this?




  • Pep_SDPep_SD Posts: 106
    For anybody who might have the same question one day...
    Using the Ademco physical keypad here is how a zone can be bypassed:

    - Enter the user code (password), followed by key '6', followed by the zone number include trailing zeros.

    For instance, if user code is 1234 and zone to bypass is 12, type the following sequence (I separated each key strike with a comma for easy reading):

    Looking at the AMX module, there is a function provided but not associated to any button or logic: ToggleBypass(INTEGER nZoneNumber)

    It is actually supposed to send these keystroke, simulating the Ademco keypad.
    The problem is it's actually not working. I'm using module version V1.0.10 (4-2-2009)
    Even directly sending 'KEYPAD-x' x being 0 - 9 does not produce any result.
    No errors, something is sent to the serial port but Ademco does not re-act...

    I found some 2 years old threads about the Ademco virtuak keypad not working in AMX module...
    Curious to know bypass a zone is then implemented...
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