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Auto Patch Precis 18x18 w/ DSP

VAV_AutoPatch.zip (moved module to its own thread)
This module supports up to 3 Auto Patch Precis 18x18 units for a total of 54 possible zones (outputs) but all AP devices must share the same 18 inputs. The code is open source so it's possible to modify it to increase its capacity but at the time I wrote this I figured 18 x 54 would be more then I would ever need. I've never actually tested this w/ 3 units but it works great with 2 and the way the code is written 3 should function the same as 2 just using 3 serial ports, 3 buffers and 3 queues. The device strings are routed to the appropriate device.


  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I wasn't able to unpload the TPD4 file for the GUI so here's some pics. Email or PM me if you want them email: viningele "at" msn "dot" com. These are pics of the 17 version but I have them for most other size and aspects. The smaller version are w/o the table and full screen. This actually even works well on a 5".

    There are some source overlays which simply replace the upper section of the device image, these can be adapted for any possible source so that when you go to source control you just change the upper tier or 2 of the device image. There are 5 seperate output popups to handle the 54 possible zones. The config string sent at start up determines which buttons show and which pages are accessible.
    Each zone that is on is indicated by the green "led" bar on the left of that zones button. Each button also has its own mini volume level so you can see where the levels are. When selected the button illiminates to yellow and is then elligible for switching. Switching is selectable by either manual, input selected, output selected and input or output selcted. This might be to many choices for some clients since it changes the procedure for switching.

    Looking at the controll picture is doesn't show the button labeling for going to the DSP page, must be an ealier pic before I added the DSP functions, but the one below go to source (I think) is a for that and requires a 3-5 hold, don't recall which. Although there is a go to source button you can also go to the source page by hitting the source button but that only works upon the 2nd press at least 1 second after the 1st. A double tap w/ delay requirement. The display will show you which AP devices are online 1,2, or 3 and connection to these devices are based on the config string and module parameters sent. The display also lists the number of output pages available 1-5 and the read out will let you know which group you're viewing the page outline als illuminates with a red border indicated that's the page you're on. The yellow illumination of the page number indicates there are outputs selected on that page so any switching will have consequences on that page too. The rest of the GUI is sort of self explanatory.

    This will work w/ 8x8's as well.
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