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Denon DCM390 CD

This module is for the Denon DM390 5 disc CD player. It uses RS232 for communications but the module is set up to allow use of a serial server if you choose. If you use straight RS232 from the master to the device define the device/s number as 5001, if on a serial server set device number to 0 and pick an unused port.

The module primarily uses levels to communicate with the TPs and I think only the time counter may be sending the variable text, that may be levels too, I don't recall and didn't review this. Since most var text field are have fixed possibilities I created multi state bar graph buttons on the TP and simply send the level to display the text I want displayed. The text is on each button state. This way the master tracks the levels and I don't have to test to see if var text has been sent or not. It's also easier to send a level than a string so overhead is reduced. I'm think this module is completely event driven any way so this really doesn't matter.

The Denon protocol has some bugs and doesn't work as it states in the manual so some things don't work as advertised.

The TP GUI is part of the Auto Patch GUI posted elsewhere in this forum and replaces the top and middle tier of the AP GUI when the CD player is sourced. Otherwise just copy everything and put in a different backgroud. There are layers of buttons and most aren't readily visible so if you attempt to disassemble do so with caution.
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