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This module allows regional fixed and animated radars and satellite views of the US and sub regions of the US. I started this a fews years ago and originally intended to make a structure of all the radar sites in the US so you could just pick a state, view the sites available for that state and then select a site to view but that never got completed. The parts are still in here but I don't think I'll ever get around to it.

You can choose radar types to view and satellites types to view which is kind f cool at night (satellite) when your region is dark cuz you can switch to IR or water vapor and still see the movement and location of storms.

These work pretty well despite the problems that the TP have loading dynamic images especially when they're not in focus even when using the Pre Fetch command. ^RFRP.

TP Pics on a 17" and MVP8400. The earth on the large image is animated an rotates.

This large pic is of the current storm heading up the NE coastline. 1'+ plus of snow predicted so it's a good day to be inside working on these posts. I'm a 1/4" to the left of Bridgeport which is just about dead center.
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