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This module is for IP control of the TiVo Cable Box. It can support an infinite number of boxes using a single TP GUI. It's set up for for centralize use and therefore allows setting of permissions if the box is in use or if you want a specific box to be tied to just one tp for the "Adult Box DVR" in or serving the the master bedroom for instance. Permissions allow other users to control, just view, temp lock out while in use or permanently lock control of that particular TiVo box. Assuming you have a pool of boxes to use and boxes are assigned first come first served.

Of course it the TiVo doesn't need to be centrally located or available to everyone, it was just coded with that possibility in mind.

In this GUI some text displays were for the initial programming and can be removed. IP control of the TiVo doesn't really provide much advantage over IR, except for current channel.


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