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ViewStat_Scheduler.zip This module is a modification of the old ViewStat422 module and it still uses the original ViewStat422_Comm.tko and the regular ViewStat control code. What I did was add code and a module to support scheduling just as you would with a typical Honeywell Chronotherm type t-stat, a classic and simple programmable T-Stat. The module writes the schedule to XML in order to retain the program during uploads, reboots or power outages. There are 4 programming periods per day and you can set a zone for "all days the same", week ends different form weekdays" or all days different.

I posted this module a couple of years ago after wrote I it but now that we have this repository I figured I'd give it a permanent home and make it easier to find for those that might benefit from it. The code could use a facelift and made more effiecient (feedback & overhead) but it's worked very well for myself and others over the years so that will have to wait or done by another.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    you rock vining. just sayin...
    thanks for the modules.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    It's Christmas so I'm re-gifting.

    Most of these were posted before, some are old & could use a little updating, others are pretty nice and I was too selfish to share. But like I said elsewhere it's better they get air time (used) then sit on my PC in some folder for the amount of use I give them. I never have to compete against other AMX dealers anyway, nobody around here has heard of them. They know C raptron so they're really the only folks I worry about.
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