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RSS_Weather.zip Here's a module for RSS_Weather. I wrote the code for this a few years back and posted it on the forum. Dave (DHawthorne) grabbed it, converted into a module & then re-posted it. Modules were way above my abilities at the time and Dave's conversion is actually what help me understand modules, that and 100 or so more questions to the forum. Someone else contributed the ^BAT portion of the feedback in order to append text to buttons that were greater than the 188-200 byte string max for TP buttons. You could say this was a true forum effort.

Since this RSSWeather module was first posted there's been other weather modules posted by other members witch look pretty cool and most have more features like multiple cities, this doesn't due to a limitation of the RSSWeather server. At first it could but then it couldn't. If you do a forum search you may be able to find the others. I know AMXJeff posted one but I don't recall the other folks that also posted weather modules.


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