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Button feedback when popup is active

Hi there

How can I make a button feedback active (ON) as long as a specific pop-up window is active.....

I got a page with an array of buttons, that activates different pop-ups, and the client would like to know which pop-up is active, by having feedback on the buttons.....


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    HedbergHedberg Posts: 671
    If you do page tracking, every time a popup is popped up you will get a PPN report and every time it is closed you'll get a PPF report. Do a data_event for your touch panel and turn on page tracking in the online event and parse the page report strings. Somthing like this::
        send_command data.device,'TPAGEON'
         local_var char sTPBuff[200]
         sTPBuff = data.text
        //parse the contents of the buffer looking for PPN and PPF reports and turn on and off the status buttons as appropriate
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