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NetLinx v3 Webpages and and Opera browser

Personally I prefer Opera for browsing the web.
(Using Opera 7.54u2 at the moment)

Now I opened the v3 master's webpages (firmware v3.00.316) with Opera the first time, and I only got the pages displayed as straight XML....

In the meantime I found out that the v3 webpages are based on XSL scripts, which are not supported by Opera in general :( (also not in the new v8 version) They are displayed in plain XML.

Does anyone know if there is some kind of plugin available for Opera to manage XSL?

Ok, what I found is that Firefox will support XSL (personally not used upto now), but I'm missing the good old times, where a website was done with plain HTML, frames and maybe some simple javascript...... ;)


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    I have found FireFox to maintain the connection to the master "forever" where previously I was finding that IE would drop the connection and the on occasion the system required a reboot to reestablish G3 Web Control.
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