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Novara CP in VA

Can it be done?

More to the point though, can I connect a CP1008 to a NI-700 (master) for that steak and chips experience?



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    benokibenoki Posts: 8
    I will accept a RTFM response btw :)
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    Novara Keypads in VA

    Hi Benoki,
    You would not find the answer in the manual so don't feel bad. VisualArchitect only supports NetLinx masters and NetLinx / AxLink devices so the CP-1008 is not supported. The SP-08 will be this year as it is an AxLink device. You should use Novara DCS software to configure and program the CP-1008. Please let us know if you think that VisualArchitect would be valuable as a configuration tool for Novara systems.
    Kindest Regards,
    Doug Hall
    AMX Product Management
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    benokibenoki Posts: 8
    Hi Doug

    Thanks for the info. I ended up using the DCS1000 software which worked quite well. It would be great if in the future the Novara CP could be configured via VA as an attached RS-232 device to a NI controller. The new SP version of the Novara looks great but lacks the relay/ir functionality of the CP unit which is definately handy in certain situations.

    Many thanks
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    benokibenoki Posts: 8
    Though in saying that I haven't exactly gone into the depths of code based programming, so it may in fact be possible outside of the GUI applications!
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