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Run a batch file from a netlinx master

RonenRonen Junior MemberPosts: 55
Hello all,
i have a q and i'm sure all the smart guys here can help me.
i have a customer that wants to run a file named "alarm.bat" on his computer from the netlinx, how can that be done? i know you can do stuff like see the media player on your TP.... so i think it should be possble.

thanks for the help.


  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 669
    This can be done with the "Integration!Solution" Application i!PCLink-WEB.

    This application gives you access to the Explorer of your PC, and with some simple SEND_COMMANDs you can launch an application like a BAT file.
  • RonenRonen Junior Member Posts: 55
    Like i said... smart pepole

    Thanks marc... worked great!
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