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issues with JVC IR control on NI series

I have been troubleshooting this issue most of the day.

I have a JVC DVD player (XV-NP10S) to be controlled via IR
from an NI-2000 processor. All of my other IR devices work
perfectly, but this JVC unit will not recognize what the processor
is spitting out.

I had tried other emitter cables, I verified the driver works with
an Axcent3, the NI led's are active, and the emitter was actually
pulsing something.

I was convinced that there was something basic that I was overlooking.
I even went as far as re-capturing the driver in case the inconcert
version was corrupt.

AMX Tech Support acknowledges some IR issues with the JVC devices.
I dont know what is unique about the JVC IR pulse train, but it seems to
not want to cooperate with the NI procs.

Reverting back to firmware v1.00.115 got my JVC IR issue fixed, but I may
have introduced a new issue with the RS232 ports.

The newest version supposedly fixed a few IR issues, but apparently not all.

Just a caution to those who are using the JVC IR devices - expect some problems with firmware v1.00.118

It sounds like there is another firmware rev in the works sometime in
the next few months.



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    FrankieFrankie Posts: 71
    I had the same problem about 3 months ago.....
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