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Sony Camera Modules

Has anybody tried both the NetLinx and Duet modules for the Sony EVI cameras and can comment on which works the best?

I'm specifically interested to know if one provides more responsive control of cameras than the other...



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    patbpatb Posts: 140
    The system calls that have been around for ages work pretty well. I try to avoid Duet modules like the plague so haven't even tried it. I ended up writing my own sony camera module that had all of the functions in it that I commonly use instead of trying to manage the system calls.
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    chillchill Posts: 186
    The Netlinx modules work fine for me. The old system_calls, not so much. Haven't tried the Duet modules (why would I?). Like patb, I try to keep my systems Duet-free.
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    AuserAuser Posts: 506
    Thanks guys, I was tending towards the NetLinx module myself so I'll roll with that.
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