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No feedback using the MI Series AMX module

Dear frenz,

I 'm trying to parse the feedback from MI series audio controller to check whether the a zone is ON or OFF. when i look at the feedback in the notification it looks like it doesnt give me the feedback always whether it is ON or not. remmebr i 'm using the module. when i query using tHe command ?INPUT, i dont get most of the time a feedback. But If there is change in status of zone (CD,internal tuner etc..) then it gives me feedback for once and aagin if I querry i dont get it. Please tell what i can do about it.


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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    If you're using a Duet module you'll need to send the 'PASSBACK=1" (I think) to the comm module so it will it will mirror the returned strings to a created buffer or data.text. Otherwise the duet modue grabs the strings and you won't get to see them.
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    RajRaj Posts: 53
    Dear Vinning,
    I'm able to get the feedback from the duet module as i did not send PASSBACK-1 command.

    In my scenario i have two zones clubbed together in one room. so i had to use grouping command send_command vdvMatrixAudio1,"'PASSTHRU-MSRG8,0,0,0,0,0,',itoa(room_binary_value),',0,0'".

    Now after reboot if you query the status of the room using ?INPUT, it gives you the proper the status. after you that if you change the source for this room using the same grouping command
    send_command vdvMatrixAudio1,"'PASSTHRU-MSRG1,0,0,0,0,0,',itoa(room_binary_value),',0,0'"
    the status of the room that we get upon querrying ?input dont get updated. It still gives me a status saying that i 'm using source 8. But again after you restart the controller and querry the status it gives me a proper feedback.
    but if i use send_command vdvMatrixAudio1,"'PASSTHRU-MSSC1,0'" and send_command vdvMatrixAudio1,"'PASSTHRU-MSSC2,0'" instead of the grouping command the feedback then onwards
    would be proper.

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    RajRaj Posts: 53

    I 'm still facing the issue with the tango mentioned above... any comments any1...
    also found out that i cant use the real device for feedback... otherwise would have used that instead.
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