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Dune Base and Dune Premier movie streamer

Has anyone used any of the Dune media players (http://dune-hd.com/index.php?do=players)? I am looking at bringing one of these in for testing. Currently, control is only via IR, but they are hoping to allow IP control in one of the upcoming firmware releases (sounds like it's a little ways out yet). I'm curious in regards to both the foreseable integration capabilities, as well as the functionality of the unit itself.

Anyone played with one yet?


  • alexsquaredalexsquared Posts: 166
    Any movement on this guys? I know HDI has released IP control protocol now, and it supposedly carries 2-way feedback.
  • brantebrante Posts: 1
    someone could use the dune with ipcontrol? or someone have the ir codes of dune?
  • alexsquaredalexsquared Posts: 166
    I have the learned IR codes and they work fine. I wish I could do IP control, especially of there is feedback. I have seen the protocol, but it is all long handed HTML codes.
  • alexsquaredalexsquared Posts: 166
    I have seen these, but don't want to deal in these long HTML codes. Thank you for posting that though.
  • nielsynielsy Posts: 32
    Somebody already control the Dune through IP ??

    I got all the commands, but it looks not to work...
  • I abandoned the idea. I just didn't want to deal with trying those HTML codes for control.
  • Module for Dune Player

    I have done a module for Dune base 3D player. The code is not editable.
    IR emulation, real feeback for state, Volume, Media (type, name, lenght and position)
    If you want a copy don't hesitate to PM me
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