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SX16+ programing ??

I recently aquired several SX16+ units
I found data sheets that refer to "sysman" software to program them. i searched for Sysman at the AMX site with no luck. Any one have any experiance with these ?


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    The reason you can't find Sysman on AMX's website is that it was never an official AMX product. It was created by AMX programmers for their own use. If you send me your e-mail address I can send it to you, but I don't think it's going to help - the program (and the SX-16 product line) were defunct by the early 90s. Sysman will only run on 386 generation CPUs - we keep an old 386SX laptop around just because one or two of our customers still have these dinosaurs. The program will not run on anything more modern.

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    feel like a caveman peering out of his cave!

    AMX Forums team,

    I have 3 of the SX-16 units apparently you can program them from the front buttons. I got these in an auction with some more recent equipment.
    I also have an AMX SWP software panel,DI-8 d a SXDCU. I found some information on the sxdcu but nothing on the DI-8 direct interface.
    If Sysman is the only way to program these units then I will find a 386 in a closet somewhere. Not sure what a DI-8 is!! I also got 2 axcess card frames full of cards and several RF touch pads so if I must abandon these other pieces I still got my money out of this auction. Thanks for any help you can give. My Email is tim@vzavenue.net
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    tom goeztom goez Posts: 75
    SX16+ Programming

    I can say that one of our early SX installations has actually made it to the AMX Museum in the lobby of the new AMX building!

    I don't know how many personnel at AMX actually remember that product! Before you could program them using the front panel, Artner Chase used to fly up from Dallas and reprogram them using his Rockwell programmer.

    Those were the days.

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