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RMS and Windows Server 2008

I just upgraded our RMS server from 2003 to 2008. All of the RMS services are running and appear fine, however when I try launching the Classroom Manager on the server itself, I get the following message.

There is no build provider registered for the extension '.aspx'. You can register one in the <compilation><buildProviders> section in machine.config or web.config. Make sure is has a BuildProviderAppliesToAttribute attribute which includes the value 'Web' or 'All'.

I'm guessing something has changed with regards to IIS, since another site we're serving up from the same machine also has an error when loading, but not being very familiar with it all, I'm not sure where to start. Any ideas appreciated.


  • IT Administrator's Guide - RMS 3.3

    Hi Pat,

    With the release of RMS 3.3 we added a few additional help documents that focus on specific technical ares of the application. One of those documents is the "IT Administrator's Guide - RMS 3.3". This document includes a section dedicated to installing IIS and Configuring ASP.NET on Windows 2008 server. It includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots. This document can be found here http://amx.com//techdocs/RMS.ITAdminGuide.pdf

    Please see the following sections:

    - RMS ASP.NET Web Application (Page 18)
    - Appendix B - Install IIS and Configure ASP.NET for Windows 2008 Server (Page 55)
    - IIS / ASP.NET Permissions (Page 28)

    The error message sounds like either ASP.NET is not installed or the RMS web application is not pointed to use ASP.NET for processing ASPX pages.

    Thanks, Robert
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