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Sony evid100 module question

I was looking at the duet module documentation versus the sample workspace, and I got confused. Can someone tell me which is right? The .doc file states that I need to use 2 rs232 ports for these cameras - 1 to the camera for commands, and a 2nd for the feedback from the camera. However, the sample workspace only lists a single serial port in the define_device section. Anyone done one of these with the duet module with any success?


  • yuriyuri Posts: 861
    what you probably have to do is define the module like so:
    DEFINE_MODULE 'Sony_EVI-D70_Comm' 	mCameraComm(vdvCamera, 

    P.S. This is for the "normal" module
  • vegastechvegastech Posts: 369
    Another question, if I may:
    With the Sony module, or actually, an module that uses send_level, is there anything special I would need to do for the module to provide feedback on a changed level or channel, like focus or zoom? It seems like those are part of the basic structure of the module, but I'm not sure if I need to enable the passback feature or not. *shrug*
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