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Please add!

I have a situation where I need to update the RMS version number but am having problems getting access to my server to do so. With this said I noticed that many other AMX applications have the 'web update' included in the 'help' section. would it be possible to please add this to RMS for Administrators only help section.


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    Hi Thomas,

    Web Update support is included in the RMS server, but it is only exposed in the Windows Start Menu for the RMS Server application. The web update to RMS requires the Windows installer to perform tasks that involve file system access, API calls to IIS, and DCOM & NTFS permission settings. These tasks all require administrator privileges on the Windows server and unfortunately cannot be performed without logging onto the server directly.

    There are applications such as Wordpress that can be upgraded remotely using their web pages, but these are typically file based applications that do not require tight integration with the Windows APIs. We may be able to look into these types of options as we move forward with future RMS versions.
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    Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Posts: 1,164
    Thanks, I was aware of this but I am not allowed access to my own server, hence why I was looking for the update ability in the help menu of RMS. Thanks for your information =)
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