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Does anyone know how to interpret this type of log message? Is it normal to see these show up in the log?
3: 05-07-2005 SAT 16:25:39 Unknown                (Reader=tInterpreter writer=tSMTCPRx3)- CMessagePipe::Max = 125
4: 05-07-2005 SAT 16:25:39 Unknown                (Reader=tInterpreter writer=tSMTCPRx3)- CMessagePipe::Max = 100



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    It seems to be new, I've been noticing that too since upgrading masters to 2.31.139 and up. I don't recall seeing it previous to that firmware (though I may just have missed it). My guess it's something to do with TCP communications - master-to-master, or master-to-panel.
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    cwpartridgecwpartridge Posts: 120
    It is a high-watermark message stating that the number of messages queued up for the Interpreter from a specific TCP connection. The TCP connection in this case is the result of an IP_SERVER_OPEN server socket accepting a connection from the client.

    It is for informational purpose only. The presence of it might indicate the Interpreter is busy doing something (like processing an event) during which a lot of packets were received, that other messaging priorities were being handled while the socket was receiving data, or it could be the result of many other things.
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    Chip MoodyChip Moody Posts: 727
    Hey CW, in case no one has mentioned it before, it's completely awesome that you read and contribute to these message boards. Having the input and/or feedback from someone at your level in the company is invaluable.

    - Chip
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    cwpartridgecwpartridge Posts: 120
    Thanks Chip. I try to read the boards periodcally and jump in where required. Thanks for stressing the AMX gear and keeping me employed! Without you guys, there'd be no reason for AMX to keep me so Thank You!

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