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TP Design, Win 7 and Fonts

Has anyone come up with a solution for the font issues that appear when running TP Design on Win 7 (noted elsewhere in the forum)?

I've had to revert to using an old and less powerful WinXp system for TPD4 work. Curious if there are solutions.

[problem manafests itself when opening previoulsy created TP4 panel design under Win7. Frequently get messages that fonts used in the design cannot be loaded. This doesn't happen with WinXP. If you aren't careful, Courier is substituted for the problem font.]

Is this strictly an issue of needing to have the same fonts on both the Win7 and Win XP machine, or is this an issue with the embedding of the fonts in the TP file?


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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    The panel files actually contain the fonts, it's that Windows does not have it installed, and therefore cannot render the fonts properly.

    Now if only there were a way to extract the fonts out of the panels so that you can install the exact ones. . . hmmm. ;)
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    Rich AbelRich Abel Posts: 104
    TPD 4: WinXP vs. Win 7

    So if I make sure I have installed the same fonts on both systems, I should be good to go.

    that's what I'll do....

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