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Can AMX be used to control Apple Podcast Producer?


Has anyone ever tried to create AMX touch-panel buttons to control the recording start, stop and pause commands for Apple Podcast Producer? I'd also like to see a mini keyboard pop-up for entering titles & metadata when beginning recording. I know that there are Podcast Producer API's available from Apple...

Suggestions & input will be very much appreciated.




  • adnausamadnausam Posts: 2
    Can AMX be used to control Apple Podcast Producer?

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  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I think most of us are in the position that such an involved control module is just too inefficient to develop on our own ... it's a lot of programming hours, and we aren't likely to sell enough ourselves to make the costs up. And we don't exactly have the time anyway ... I know I don't. So if I can't get the module elsewhere, I wait until a customer comes along with a "blank check" attitude. And frankly, that has never happened.
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